Mika Forsling performs electronic music live on analog synthesizers and drum machines. His compositions span from minimal arpeggios to cinematic soundscapes and danceable beats, aiming to intrigue the listener's ears. Performing live, he brings the audience on an intense journey where musical layers, rhythms, and blinking light bulbs, blend into a deep sonic universe.

Mika Forsling is a musician and composer living in Copenhagen. He is a member of the groups LUR(SE), Cirkeln(DK), AYLA(SE), Nuaia(DK/SE) and Helt Off(SE) and have performed at festivals like Fusion festival(DE), P2 Art´s Birthday(SE), MIDI Festival(CHN). He's also been doing collaborations with other experimental musicians such as Johanna Borchert(DK), Liliane Chlela(LBN) and Manuel Göttsching(DE).